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▐ ◈▐█ PassionEverything starts here

My name is Tsu, and I’m from Traverse Town. I am a human with the ability to control the power of darkness, to an extent. I lost my parents a long time ago when I was just a baby. The darkness devoured them but for some reason was not able to devour me. Instead I became one with the darkness, and over time I’ve learned how to summon The Heartless. I am a seventeen year old male, and I am straight. That is all you need to know for now.
Black, Gold.

Okay first of all, Traverse Town only appears to those who lost their home world honey, it can’t be a home world, its basic existence is just to serve as a refugee camp , and really? not being devoured by darkness giving you the special snowflake factor isn’t a good thing!

▐ ◈▐█ Underneath the beautiful blue skyWe were a little afraid

Tsu is the type of person that is just happy to be alive. He has been through so much that he has learned to appreciate the little things. It takes a lot to get him angry, so don’t expect to see him upset often. H owever, when a situation calls for him to be serious he you may mistake his demeanor for anger. Tsu is wise and loves spreading said wisdom onto those who are less fortunate than he is. Lastly, he lets no one bring him down. He’s often mistaken for an enemy because of the dark aura that emits from his body, but it’s not something that he can help. Knowing this he deals with every situation with a smile, positive or not.

Okay for a seventeen year old he sounds way too childish at some points at others too grown up, the personalities clash too much to seem like an actual person.

▐ ◈▐█ Underneath a large sign boardI want to watch as the times change

Two happily married parents had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy. They named him Tsu Isamu, choosing to leave his middle name empty. Things were going great! Tsu’s mother, Kenya, had been checked out of the hospital recently and was able to go home with her baby. His father, Tsen, welcomed her and his new son home with open arms. For a while they lived in peace, and everyday was normal, until the darkness came.
Heartless attacked the town and stole many hearts, Tsen and Kenya included. While defending their son, who was locked away in his room, the darkness crept up on the baby and slowly began to wrap around him. It threatened to consume him, but instead a miracle happened! The darkness did not devour the boy like it was trying to do! Instead, the darkness entered the boy and became one with him, causing his odd yellow eyes to glow a golden color. His eyes would stay this way as long as the boy with one with the darkness. After becoming one with the darkness the boy blended in with it, the Heartless choosing not to attack the baby because they believed that Tsu was one of them.
Tsu was raised by many different peop le, feeling sorry for the boy, until the age of five. The people always left him, calling him a demon because of his eyes. Tsu learned to fend for himself early. Fighting against bullies honed his fighting skills, and in time Tsu was able to use the power of darkness to see with his eyes closed. It made life a lot easier on him when people could actually look at him without being scared. However, Tsu’s time on Traverse Town would be short lived, a portal of darkness taking him to another word one day at the age of ten.
By age fifteen Tsu was able to control his powers and traveled all of the time. He was even able to control where the portals took him! One day he landed on Disney Castle and met King Mickey who taught the boy everything there was to know about the worlds, keyholes, Keyblades, and their wielders. Realizing that Tsu had a good heart despite belonging to the darkness King Mickey assigned him to Rue, his adopted daughter. Tsu was to follow the girl wherever she went and help her in her time of need. After thanking King Mickey Tsu did what was requested of him and followed the girl everywhere she went, waiting for the day she would need his help.

Oh Dear Tragic story is tragic, and too OP and lets add Teen Dad to this as well, not that its bad, but just the fact that he could basically be the be all end all to any chances of KH to be formed again, causing a way too big scale tip to the dark side.

▐ ◈▐█ Sometimes I want thave doubtOver the settlement we had in the past

Tsu fights with a blade called the Darkness Blade. He is able to channel the darkness within him into the blade and send sharp crescent shaped attacks that can cut through just about anything. Without his sword he is skilled in close range combat and can send dark flames at his enemies f rom his palms.


Oh look a special snowflake blade, never saw one of those before (sarcastic voice is sarcastic) oh look it is sharp and can make darkness oh how original

(In any world that Tsu goes to he stays in the same form, except for two worlds.) Atlantica.


 and Pridelands.


Oh look he is so small and weak I guess to balance out his OP factor, b ut still I’m surprised you didn’t go the whole ten yards, over all he needs a major retcon, or even be wiped from time and space a fitting choice indeed

Hopeful Mod DCF

So, I’m submitting this for a critique even though I’m not exactly finished writing the story that accompanies this character. (Mildly pathetic, considering this all started in 2009).


(Note: I didn’t design her boobs that big, this was a redraw by a friend, but the only good picture of her latest costume design I could find.)

Big boobs is never really a problem. If you give a character big breasts, make sure the character is aware of how inconvenient they are. Maybe, when out in battle, they where like a ton of sports bras to keep them in place. (As a large chested female, this is what I do when I work out). Let them complain.

Also, don’t make them totally disproportionate. 

I know you said your character isn’t really big-chested, but it’s good for everyone to know this. Also, the boobs in this picture are pretty proportionate to her body, though should be placed a li ttle lower. They’re pretty high up there. XD

Name: Rea

Age: 16 going on 17

Siblings: 0 biological, 1 sister from adoptive family - Mikoto.

Parents: Mysteriously vanished when Rea was young, the only information she can really find on them is held by Maleficent and in Ansem’s files. To be discovered later (I’d dive more into this, but my story is pretty popular on a few websites, and I really don’t want to spoil things. Sorry if this makes it a bit hard to critique, just know that it IS explained and they aren’t just gone for no reason.)

If you’d like, you can send me their story through fanmail. I can take a look and critique that. I’d like to hear a good reason why Maleficent took them.

Did have an adoptive mother, Hana, who recently passed from an illness at the start of the story. Rea and Mikoto have been working to take care of each other at the story’s start.< /p>

Place of Origin: Shady Isle

Weapon: Poison Ivy. As heartless began to consume Shady Isle, a mysterious witch appears with a bargain for Rea. In order to save her sister and protect them from the heartless, Rea must accept a weapon created by Maleficent and do whatever is in her power to stop “Sora and his lackeys” from foiling her plans.

Why does Maleficent choose her? Maleficent chose Riku because she found him in Hollow Bastion and thought he’d be useful. She didn’t actively search for him. 

Upon accepting the odd key Maleficent offers, Rea watches as the witch vanishes with her sister in hand.

Why does she take her sister? 

In her enraged haze, Rea is approached by a boy, a duck, and a dog, questioned beyond her own belief and taken off her world just in time to watch it be consumed by darkness. A trip to Yensid explains that the weapon she was given was not a key blade at all, but simply a fraud weapon of darkness created in order to sidetrack and scare Sora and his gang.

Is this during Kingdom Hearts II? I’m confused where this timeline is supposed to take place…

The more Rea let’s dark emotions fuel her, the more powerful the magic from her weapon is, however the darkness can be consuming and causes a potential threat to herself.

It’s really not fun to hold a weapon that is fueled by darkness. Especially if she’s struggling so much with dark emotions. I feel as if she’d lose to it in a matter of time. 

Her options stand at control herself and be weak, or put herself and friends in harm’s way to have a powerful magic she can barely control.

Likes: Completely obsessed with music (never leaves anywhere without an mp3 player), guitar, eating, signs of maturity (even though she can be a bit dramatic, oblivious to herself ), secretly enjoys dressing up (from dresses to costumes), and bubble baths.

Dislikes: being teased about her height (just barely hits 5’3”, but grows with time), being teased about her boob size (really only from her sister), rejection, defeat, bugs (Oogie Boogie makes her gag), feeling useless (which is frequent), Meddling, lies, Maleficent.

Other: When her clothes got a magical update from the fairies at Yensid’s castle, she was unknowingly given the option to have a drive form with Sora.

Why would Yen Sid give her the option to be more powerful when it’s clear she can fall into darkness at any time? Besides, he only gave Sora Drive forms because he needed help with his task and wielding a Keyblade, there was a lot he needed to do. So, magic clothes were useful for him.

It might be smart to nix the Drive form.

I decided to go into more detail with these forms and have it so that when the two merge, their thoughts and feelings can be read by each other. So far this drive form has only been used once, as a last minute idea. Not sure how I feel about it.

Sora doesn’t even have that ability. Why does she?

Sexuality: Straight. She develops feelings for Sora over time, starting with just an intense respect as he describes his past (Entirety of KH1) to her (Thank god I at least got that part right, because, believe it or not, relationships and such take time).

I’d keep it one-sided. Most of what he does is for Kairi. You see this a lot in Kingdom Hearts II. He thinks about her often and longs to go home and see her, but knows he has things to do. When he finds out she’s been kidnapped, he goes to find her. 

Relationships with Sora are difficult because you REALLY don’t want to mess with canon. 

Faults: He r emotions can be really overwhelming to her like any teenager, and sometimes it stops her from seeing obvious answers or being any help at all. She doesn’t learn very quickly, especially when it comes to fighting and magic, and it seems the only time she’s actually any good is when her emotions tied with darkness start to become more powerful than she can handle. She also has to deal with this pathetic crush on Sora, full well knowing about his feelings for Kairi, getting rejected, and trying to move past that in the best way possible— acting like she doesn’t care (which also doesn’t really work, kinda just makes her cranky).

This is good. 

Reasons for Traveling: Besides the fact that her world got temporarily wiped off the map, Maleficent has taken her sister, threatened the crew with this girl (who wants absolutely nothing to do with Maleficent), given her a weapon that’s potentially dangerous and plans t o use Rea as a pawn, and Sora has some faith that if he can help her find her sister, she’ll help him find his friends.

Alright. I think that’s everything I can think to put on here for now. Let me know what you think? This has been in the making for like 5 years now.

I think there are some pretty obvious flaws. But, if you’re willing to change them, she has a lot of potential. I’d move her story-line until AFTER the canon-time line, which means you wouldn’t have to change as much. It sounds like this takes place during Kingdom Hearts II and it kind of fucks it up a lot. Maleficent seems to have a lot of trouble actually dying, so I think it’d be possible. Or, to make it better, make up your own villain. 

As for the weapon, you should probably explain it more. Like, how and why was it created? And if Maleficent wanted to use her as a pawn, why did she just leave her with zero information? She would have probably ta ken her and brainwashed her, much like she did with Riku. She manipulated him to fight against Sora. She didn’t just go up to him, point to Sora, and say, “He’s annoying. You should take care of him.”

Yeah, she took her sister, but then leaves her and let’s Sora take her for the ride. That’s the complete opposite of what she wanted, isn’t it? I’m sure Maleficent would want to do something about it.

I’m also not 100% sure why Sora decided to take her with him. He could have been like “Keyblade?!”, take her to Yen Sid, find out it’s NOT a Keyblade, then leave her in his care. He’d probably try and find a way to expel it from her, since he IS a magician and Keyblade Master. Yen Sid would probably also train her a bit and help her out (like get her her own ship and stuff) so she can fight her own battles unless Sora’s battles were the same as her. In Kingdom Hearts II, he has to deal with the O rganization. Maleficent is a minimal threat to him. She’s “been there, done that, slain THAT dragon” to him. 

Another reason you should make a whole new threat altogether and place this after canon. Xehanort will be done with and stuff. Maybe they’re all just going around and cleaning up what’s left of the darkness after the battle with Xehanort when they come across Rea. 

I don’t know exactly how you’d change this in your story. You can probably keep the course for that since you’ve been writing it, but if you plan to use her for other stuff, you should probably make a few changes. 


o.o I wasn’t expecting this many people to be interested in the admin position.

I’ll probably wait like a week and compare the submissions. It’ll give everyone time to see the notification and get in what submission they can. 

So, this is Misaki Nakahara  from Welcome to the NHK

Name: Bridget Shuno (call her Shuno if you want)
Gender: Female
Natural Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gray
Homeworld: Destiny Islands

Please don’t fuck this up, please don’t fuck this up

Age: 17
Type of character: Four of hearts: Element Water
Biography: Bridget Shuno and her family moved from their previous living area to the mainlands off of Destiny Islands when she was just three years old.

Ah, yes! Good so far!

She grew up as a native of the island and the mainland, but things took a dark turn when s he was seven. On her way to a school event, her parents crashed with her in the back seat. Both her mother and her father died on impact, but Bridget managed to survive. She has a few scars from the crash on her torso and on the crown of her head, but otherwise you won’t see them often if at all.

I mean, at least she has scars.

Bridget has been living with her grandfather ever since on the island, every afternoon before sunset she goes to her parents’ graves and talks to them. Of course, they don’t talk back. But it helps Bridget cope with her loss, while the images of her dead parents haunt her dreams to this day. She continues on, strong and independent, courageous and smart. Bridget is a good leader, and knows right from wrong well. And despite all this tragic loss, Bridget remains to keep somewhat of a chipper attitude.

Oh, good! No angst! This is looking bright for her

Her family was a v ictim of a reckless drunk driver, horrible things can happen to good people. And Bridget sees it that way, keeping a realistic outlook on life. But still avoiding the label of “pessimist”. Bridget makes friends rarely, but it’s mainly due to her personality. She doesn’t trust people instantaneously. And rightfully so, Bridget’s heart is a mixture between light and dark. Eventually she will have to choose between the two, but if you know anything about her by that time. You’ll know which one she’ll choose. Beyond her tragedy, Bridget’s grandfather; Akatsuki is also a skilled sword master, something that Bridget took interest in. So she is being taught how to use a sword properly, but she’s far from perfect.
-Mika Shuno (Mother: Deceased)
-Hohia Shuno (Father: Deceased)
-Akatsuki Suno (Grandfather/Seni)
Weapon: Silver Saint

Okay, so, you have a Keyblade. Now, how did you get it?!

-Fighting: Bridget is a scrapper, she won’t go down without a fight.
-Puzzle: Bridget is a good problem solver.
-Speed: Bridget is fast and nimble on her feet flexible and aerodynamic.
-Leader: Bridget has great leadership skills, she listens to people’s problems and thinks of the best way to keep everyone happy. Or in some cases, the majority.
-Independence: Bridget doesn’t need anyone to look out for her, or to catch her when she falls. Likewise she doesn’t enjoy it when people treat her like she is weak in frail, and try to protect her when she doesn’t need it.
-Water whip: A whip made of water
-Healing aqua: Mystical water that can heal most injuries.
-Surf: Giant wave appears from nowhere.
-Keyblade board: Bridget can stand on her keyblade and it’ll levitate like a hoverboard, this can make navigating over cliffs and ledges easier.

Er, in BBS, you learn they can BECOME “hoverboards”

-Water gust: She can channel water to shoot her up or someone else, to a ledge or something close.
-Blizzard: From the games
-Attachment: When Bridget grows attached to people, and as a result sometimes it’ll hurt her if she loses them.
-Stubbornness: Bridget thinks she can fix everything, and save everyone and everything. She is only one person, and this will push her past her limits in order to do what is right.
-Morality: There are certain things Bridget will take issues with, some things that will take her morality and force her to choose between what is right and what is for the greater good.

She needs a few more weaknesses to balance out her strengths. 

Personality: Bridget is tough and smart, tomboyish and joyful. Bridget enjoys the company of others, despite how much she’ll deny it. She’s not mean, in most cases she looks out for people more than they’ll ever know. Bridget knows how to lead a team, having some experience when she was in the scouts way back when. Bridget will sugarcoat some information or news if she senses you are in a fragile state or the news will bring you to such a state. In return, she also tries to be the tough one that never gets hurt. But sometimes the walls break and she falls apart, this is rare and extremely unlikely to be seen more than once. In addition Bridget can become frustrated easily, depending on the circumstances and how rushed she is. She also likes to tease people, but it’s usually in good fun. When she loves someone ho wever, she treats them like she hates them then secretly has her feelings when no one is looking… No not like that.
Theme: Sixx AM “Life Is Beautiful”

While she isn’t a complete Sue, there is still some improvements that could be made. She has good and bad qualities and with a little more information, she could be a good character to play with. This is rare for a character found on Gaia. 

Another OC for my Kingdom Hearts fanfic. Karin is a Nobody, ranked Number 0, in Organization XIII. A mysterious individual, Karin values loyalty and friendship. She is in fact the Nobody of Kaguya, but bears a similarity to Kaguya’s elder sister, Hikari. As Kaguya’s Nobody, she, too, bears the Keyblade Eternal Harmony, as well as Hikari’s Keyblade, Infernal Eos.

Karin is also good friends with Roxas, Axel and Xion. During her time in the Organization, she was loyal to its cause until Xion’s death (and she found out Xemnas’s plans for Kingdom Hearts), leaving alongside Roxas. 

Karin (カリン; her name in katakana)… her name means “cold fragrance” (香凜). “Ka” (香) for “Fragrance, smell or perfume” and “Rin” (凜) for “cold, strict or severe”. Her title in the Organization is “Black Siren&rd quo; (ブラックサイレン Burakku Sairen)

Hey Guys! Some News!


So, I’d like to have some admin auditions. It would be much easier if I had at least even one more person helping me.

You don’t have to have experience running a blog like this, but it would be nice if you knew/studied Kingdom Hearts lore. 

Your duties would be posting regularly, answering asks, and critiquing. 

If you’re interested, follow this steps:

  1. Shoot me an ask
  2. Open your submissions
  3. I’m going to send you a Sue/Stu
  4. I want you to copy/paste it into my submission box
  5. Make comments like I do or critique it, explaining how someone can make it better. I won’t publish it unless you want me to (please tell me if you want me to because if you don’t, I won’t publish it).

I’ll send you an ask with my verd ict. 

Thanks everyone!

Hey. I can’t really tell you much about this scene (hence the title). Its from what will be the 3rd book in my fanfic series (if I ever get there… ). Anyway, I’ve had this super complicated, feeling jammed, uber important scene stuck in my head for a month so I decided to draw it to get it out of my head. I am so proud of this painting (especially the background and Axel’s hair). If anyone out there uses ArtRange2, the main reason I’m so proud is that I’m so proud is that I finally figured out how to use the glitter tool without it looking like trash. I used it on the cement, wall, and the force field. 

I do not own Axel or Leon.

P.S. There are words that you just might be able to make out on the necklaces if you zoom in all the way 

P.S.S. Just realized I forgot Leon’s feet……….

P.S.S.S If you want to read my fanfic, here’s a link to my prologu e. I only have the first few chapters up because people didn’t seem too interested. If you want to actually read it, please send me a note and I’ll send it to you ( My beta reader loves it + I have made her cry + be super angry with me at times so please give it a chance!)

Name: Rex Nexion
Gender: Male
Natural Hair color: Black
Eye color: Glowing red

“Glowing,” huh?

Homeworld: Unknown


Age: Chronologically 30, actually 50

I don’t think you know what “chronologically” means. Because, really, he’d be chronologically 50. 

Type of character: Main antagonist
Biography: Rex is neither dead nor alive, brought back from the brink of death by a super weapon toxin known as “The X-Virus”.

Ew. Don’t bring in Resident Evil. 

Rex doesn’t remember much of anything about his past as a result, all he knows is he has absolute power. And he feels as though he should rule over all mortals, while Rex isn’t a god. He thinks he is, and loves to smite his enemies who think otherwise.

Oh, yes, god complex that comes with god mode characters.

The X-Virus has given him natural immortality, meaning he cannot be killed by the natural world: diseases, old age. None of it works, Rex has no heart to lose so he commands the heartless alongside his bitter rival Norman Wesker. The alliance between them is lukewarm at best, but they have a common goal.
Occupation: Former military combatant
Weapon: Hand to hand, keyblade of hearts

Here’s an excerpt from the Wiki.

“The Keyblade of heart (人の心のキーブレード Hito no Kokoro no Kīburēdo?, lit. "Keyblade of People’s Hearts”), sometimes referred to as Riku’s Keyblade, is a Keyblade created by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness from the Hearts of the Princesses of Heart, with the exception of Kairi. In addition to being a combat weapon like Sora’s Keyblade, this Keyblade has the ability to unlock a person’s heart, releasing the Darkness within. Its name, if it has one, is currently unknown — it has only been referred to by its type.

“Keyblades of heart” are one of the three types of Keyblades, alongside the two kinds of “Keyblades of Worlds’ Hearts” — “Keyblades of darkness”, which only King Mickey uses, and “Keyblades of light”, which the other Keyblade wielders use. Unlike the other two types of Keyblade, this type of Keyblade did not exist until the Realms were altered by the Keyblade War. As part of this development, it was no longer possible to open the door to Kingdom Hear ts without using a Keyblade of heart, which could only be completed by gathering seven hearts of pure light. 


The Keyblade itself dissolves, releasing the Princesses’ stolen hearts.“

So, no, you won’t be able to use that. SORRYNOTSORRY.

Super human strength
Super human speed

So… you’re a god? Or at least Wolverine.

Fire blood: While Rex can shoot fire out of his fingertips, if his blood is exposed he can fling flaming blood at you.
Nerve ending damage: This makes Rex unable to feel pain, however this doesn’t mean he is invincible. It’s unknown how much damage he can sustain, but his body gives out after a while.
Combat Experience
Tactical genius
Unfeeling: Literally and figuratively, Rex can only feel anger and distaste. If you we re to hit him, his only tell would be his body moving fro the impact or his line of sight. Strike him where he cannot see you and light enough to now make him flinch.
Light: Rex’s lack of heart, makes him vulnerable to light. (heart light not sunlight or electricity light that’d be silly.)
Ego: Rex has an ego, but he does have what it takes to back it up.

These aren’t good weaknesses to balance out those… um… "pros”

Personality: Cold and unfeeling, Rex is the kind of man that would do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. He doesn’t give a damn about you or anyone else but himself, he seeks power for him alone and sees everyone else as beneath him.
Theme: Three Days Grace “The Animal I Have Become”

Hey Guys! Some News!

So, I’d like to have some admin auditions. It would be much easier if I had at least even one more person helping me.

You don’t have to have experience running a blog like this, but it would be nice if you knew/studied Kingdom Hearts lore. 

Your duties would be posting regularly, answering asks, and critiquing. 

If you’re interested, follow this steps:

  1. Shoot me an ask
  2. Open your submissions
  3. I’m going to send you a Sue/Stu
  4. I want you to copy/paste it into my submission box
  5. Make comments like I do or critique it, explaining how someone can make it better. I won’t publish it unless you want me to (please tell me if you want me to because if you don’t, I won’t publish it).

I’ll send you an ask with my verdict. 

Thanks everyone!

▐ ♛▐█ Simple && CleanEverything starts here…

❥ N a m e::+Akira Anderson
❥ N i c k n a m e s::+Sixth New Princess of Heart - Princess of Destiny Islands

I don’t think “Princess of Heart” is a nickname. 

And, this is part of a roleplay where they bring in a bunch of new Princesses of Heart during the canon time line. I can tell you a million reasons why that would work (there are 7 Lights and 13 Darknesses for instance).

❥ A g e::+Sixteen
❥ R a c e::+Human 
❥ P o s t i n g C o l o r s::+#5CB3FF - #2554C7 - #151B8D

This whole profile needs a read more because her whole story has too much bullshit in it.

Keep reading

ame: Karyl Kisaragi
Age: 18
Alignment: light(may change later)

Why would it change? Why not just say “neutral” or “plays for his own team” or something like that? If he’s Light, usually, unless he’s real easy to manipulate, he’d stay on the side of light.

Gender: male
World of Origin: midgar

See… Yuffie and Tifa and Cloud DIDN’T come from Midgar in Kingdom Hearts. They came from Radiant Garden. So, Midgar does not exist in this universe, sorry to burst your bubble.

Weapon: short sword(shown in pic), keyblade(rarely used). 


Okay, so you have this SUPER POWERFUL weapon at your disposal and you chose to use a dinky sword? Why even have the Keyblade? You’re squandering it! If you have a Keyblade, don’t EVER say “rarely uses it” because you have no excuse not to. Your Keyblade is paired with you to match YOUR level, skill, and comfort.

So none of that “it doesn’t suit me” shit. If you’re a sword guy and someone give you throwing knives, then, yeah, it doesn’t suit yo u. You’re comfortable with a sword.

You have a Keyblade? It’s cool! You can throw it, and it comes back. It has long range attacks, like a gun. It’s got a blunt end if you prefer to hurt instead of kill. It’s also pretty sharp since it can SLICE THROUGH FUCKING BUILDINGS

Magic: Dark Firaga, anti-form,

No, no, a thousand times, no. This only happened ONCE to Sora. It had not and will not ever happen again. Sora got fucking LUCKY he got his heart back. 

Leveler(jumps high into the air then fires a beam of pale blue light at a large glyph that appears below him, when the beam hits the glyph it splits into 20 smaller beams that home in on any target in the area. While in anti-form the beam is black with dark purple bolts of energy around it), Devour(while in anti form, he gains the ability to steal hearts that have been captured by the heartless he kills an d is able to use them to increase his power for as long as he remains in anti-form. when he reverts back to normal all of the hearts are released. this creates a dark purple glow around him that intensifies with each new heart captured)

You sound like a fun person to fight with.

Personality: relatively secretive person that tends to avoid talking about his past. can seem a bit cold at times but is mostly friendly. though he would never admit it, he is somewhat shy. 

Bio: Karyl is the son of Yuffie Kisaragi.


He was trained to fight by his mother starting as soon as he was able to hold a weapon and eventually started helping her and cloud in their struggle in Midgar. During one of his mi ssions however, there was an accident and his Anti-form was released,


effectively turning him into a heartless his a human form which summoned countless weaker heartless to Midgar.


Eventually Karyl gained control over the darkness that now hid within him and uses it to travel between worlds fight the heartless anywhere he can. For obvious reasons, he keeps his Anti-form hidden from others as well as the fact that he was the cause of the heartless that attacked Midgar.

Just Wondering…

So, I have an old OC and a rekindled interest in Kingdom Hearts has made me revisit her. I was just wondering, if an OC is in Organization XIII, would that automatically make them a Sue?

Hi there~! Please take a look at this page! It should answer your question, and if you need more detail, I’d be happy to provide!

Hello Len! I cannot find your source =[

Name: Oz
Age: 15
Alignment: Light
Gender: Male
World of Origin: ???


Weapon: Lure Breaker Keyblade


Magic: Demi, Gravity

Demi…? Like… Demi Lovato?

Personality: Worried


Bio: Oz is a boy of unknown origins, he only knows two letters. “OZ” so he assumed it to be his name. Oz wields a sinister looking keyblade, it seems to very grim looking but it dosen’t bother him at all. Oz’s magic involves compression, gravity can stop people’s movement with intense gravity. And demi can be used crush an enemy completely. Oz while having severe amnesia swears he was meant to meet Leon. And as such went with him to go to other worlds along with Sil and Vivian. Vivian seems to know more than she let’s on but he’s chosen to ignore it and not worry about it. Oz has a small pocketwatch as his only clue as to who he is.

This isn’t really about the Stu, but… it’s an interesting (and cringe-worthy) read from the perspective of a weeaboo, Kairi-hating girl who seems to need some reminding real-life can be more interesting than a game if you give it a chance. I was hesitant about actually posting this since it ISN’T about the Stu. But, I found it too interesting not to share.

A Sad Day that will NEVER be Forgotten…

This….. this here…… is my pain and sorrow. My suffering… my guilt….. (Please read this )

Here is how it goes (for those who don’t know Shinya’s real story )

It was a while back. I’d say before Valentines Day to be the least. As you know, I am (Or was) madly in love with that one guy. Sora from Kingdom Hearts. He was my everything. My light, my love, my soul, my guardian. He meant the world to me. Sora was the greatest character I loved and the longest one for me to crush over. You see, when I was 12 years old, I got a PS2 for my 12th birthday. (I was in love with Jack Skellington at that time) I wanted to play the game: Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge so badly and I got it. So I played it for a long time. My friend in elementary school introduced me to a new game with Jack Skellington called Kingdom Hearts. I have heard it before and used to sing the commercial songs. So around Easter, my mom and I got the game and I played. So yeah there’s a boy with weird hair and Mickey Mouse clothes. Big deal. Where’s Jack? It took me a while to get to Jack’s world and I started gaining a liking to Sora. When I finally got to Halloween Town, something broke apart in me and Jack handed me over to Sora for a new crush. I remember that night when I had pics of sora and I taped them onto a piece of paper and put it under my pillow. I remember that…

Anyways. Sora grew up with me as I got older. I was beginning to fear of his ages (because he’ll stay like that forever) and I wanted to be with him as much as possible. I liked the kid. He and I had something that clicked and was a perfect piece of the puzzle. I used to pray to God about having him become real so I wouldn’t be such a lonely person. I was very lonely. All I could do was day dream about Sora and draw pictures of him. I got a lot of Sora items in the past. And I loved it. One day, my mom and I had to move and be homeless for 2 years straight. Long story on that but back to the topic. I used to carry around my chibi Sora doll with me everywhere. I saw him as security and a good luck charm. When I was homeless, I would hug my chibi Sora doll and have him talk to me. My life was very hard for those 2 of going from place to place and being afraid of where we would end next. We had to put everything into storage and I missed my house and I missed all my Sora stuff. But my Sora doll was good enough. So my life was pretty tough and it got worse when my mom and I had to live in a cruddy slum-lorded motel in the middle of Agua Dulce California. It was a dusty desert area in the middle of nowhere. My mom couldn’t drive so it was harder. I went to a school called Vasquez High and kids bullied me there. 2 kids committed suicide over that damned school. It was terrible. But when I came back to the motel, I would talk to Sora and play the Kingdom Hearts games to calm me down. I tried my hardest and I felt like my life was never going to get better and slip away. Until Sora told me from his heart that “it would be alright and it would get better. Do not kill yourself even though you feel like you have the need to. It will get better. I promise.” That’s what I heard from Sora when I looked at him on pics and stuff. Later on my life did get a tad bit better when we finally got a place.

Sora was everything to me. I had loved him like a maniac. I would have done anything for him. Sora was just…. very special to me. And when the day I lost him, I almost died. You see, when I started a DeviantArt account on here (I forgot my old one XP ) I was in some Sora clubs. Yet everyday when I went online, I would see Kairi and Sora stuff. I hated Kairi. She had my only life saving device. I was getting really tired and sick of seeing Sora, kairi stuff and I almost threw up a couple times. It wa s that bad…. And the school I go to now (It ain’t helpin) was stressing me out. I stress out a lot. And it just made my anger grow and feel pain. Seeing Kairi. UGH! She annoys me and I hate the fact she wears a short dress/ skirt. So I didn’t feel good….. One day my friend made a really cool sora model for a friend and I commented on it saying he was mine and I loved him (trying to respect him) and the person who it was made for, decided to start saying mean things about how he is for kairi and kairi only. It hurt me inside and I snapped. I cried my heart and soul out. I was really ready to die… I was that upset. I had lost the game for fighting for the one I loved. But then I decided to make my own OC. Shinya. Shinya (check his bio page ) is a really cool guy and he saved my life too. I love Shinya. And I know he will never hurt me.

In this pic you see me crying and Shinya is trying to comfort me. Sora’s being a dick and all mad and S hinya is trying to restrict himself from hitting him. Anyways yeah…… (the rain represents how much i have cried that night when I lost Sora.)

More to abril

Hi I was Abril’s creator, and I would like to add more detail, and fix her up, still don’t have a picture, sorry,

So first is her outfit, I changed the loafers to beige sneakers with red laces, and made the shirt cover her shoulders and for the sleeves to be snug around her arms, she now also has a star hairclip given by her mother before leaving,

Good! Sneakers are good to fight in!

Her relationship with her family is more or less the typical American family, they eat together and spend weekends doing stuff as a family, Abril is an only child, so most her life was spent going out with friends to the ice cream parlor or something like that,

The reason Kairi chose her, was due to the great challenge she possessed, before Kairi had thought that her apprentice would be pretty much like her, more reserved and quiet, but soon saw something in Abril to make her choose her, that and the fact Abril accidently touched Kairi&rs quo;s keyblade, and so became her apprentice.

((Was that good?))

Yeah, that’s good. There just needs to be a great and interesting story of how Abril accidentally touched the Keyblade. Make it fun and maybe Kairi, at first, is really thrown off and flustered by it and Abril is like “da fuq, you ok lady?”

Don’t make it like how Aqua passed it to Kairi or how Terra passed it to Riku. Fun and unexpected! Yus!

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